Open Water Diver Course



Open Water Diver
This is where your journey into the underwater wonderland begins we don't want you just to learn to dive we want you to become a Diver and with our tailored and comfortable open water program that is exactly what you will become, we have designed this program for those that only have Weekends to spare in there busy schedules, join us at our facility 4 consecutive Saturday and Sundays from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm and let us show you how it's done follow this with 4 check out dives normally made over the weekend following your last training session and you will be a Diver
The course is made up of 3 sections
Academic The majority of the academic learning is done at your own speed in your own time as soon as you are signed up you will receive a link to your course by email and you can get started. Then we have academic reviews in class and a final 50 question exam
Pool sessions this is where the fun really starts and we take all that you have learned and apply it during reality based scenarios in our own heated pool
Open Water and Certification this is where it all comes together this is where we put all of the learning and training together and go Diving
The course price includes all that you will need to complete the course you will be expected to purchase you personal equipment Mask, Snorkel, Boots and Fins and there is a $50.00 rental charge if you need to rent equipment for the open water weekend
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