Whale Watching


Juneau, Alaska


Your adventure begins with a short drive through downtown Juneau all the way to Auke Bay – 13 miles away, where you will have the opportunity to see humpback and orca whales, Dall's porpoises, Steller sea lions, harbor seals, bald eagles, and more. 
Once you board the boat, relax and let your experienced captain lead the way to whales and other wildlife. Since your guides visit the waters daily, they are quite knowledgeable about the social circles of whales and where they congregate. You will learn about life in Alaska, as well as the habits of these mammals. 
This energizing day will bring you up-close-and-personal with nature and whales that are now known to live longer than 250 years. They have spindle cells in their brains that can exceed human spindle cell counts which may explain why people often feel like the whales talk to them. 

Where To Meet

It’s just a short walk from where your cruise ship docks in Juneau. Simply head to where you see the cable cars going up and down the mountain, at the base of the Mount Roberts Tram. Please be waiting for us on the side facing the parking lot, not towards the cruise ships. If possible, be a few minutes early, as it will give everyone more time out on the water and with the whales and other wildlife.

If your cruise ship happens to come in early or late, please get in touch with us.