Two Hour Experience

Starting at $300 | A unique Experience You'll Never Forget!


911 Station rd Hebron


This is our most popular package. A perfect adventure out with the dogs.


Weekday Two Hour Sled Ride - $300

Weekend Two Hour Sled Ride - $350

Each sled fits 2 people. For each additional 2 people you will need an additional sled.

This shows you the basics of dog sledding. We will bring you to the trail, harness and hook up the dogs and take you out for a one-hour spin through the beautiful Maine forest. The dogs love it. It is their favorite part of the day! You show them their harness and they are they are the happiest of dogs. You don't think you can see them any happier until you see them start to run!

There are two places to situate yourself on the sled. The first one is in the sled basket. The basket has a windproof shell that zips you in, and inside the shell is a negative 40 degree sleeping bag/blanket that you can wrap up in. The second is on the back of the sled with the guide. The sled itself blocks most of the wind, and the movement of your body on the sled keeps you warm.