Chocolate & Piñata Family Workshop


Stingray Beach Cozumel

A great Family working together workshop; Learn to make chocolate the way the Mayans first did it and to make a piñata for the kids.
Venture to a beautiful seaside terrace at Stingray Bay to learn by doing at the Interactive Chocolate Workshop. Our air-conditioned seaside terrace offers a spectacular view of the Caribbean to inspire you as you learn all about the origins of chocolate and ancient Aztec and Mayan processing techniques while making your own Cocoa bar. As if making and sampling your own chocolate is not enough to engage the kid’s attention, we also craft a piñata and learn the traditions behind this famous party activity.

Learn about chocolate’s origins, native flavors, attributes, and make your own 100% Cocoa bar at the Interactive Chocolate Workshop.
Enjoy an intimate, unique experience at a beautiful seaside terrace overlooking the turquoise Caribbean.
Build a hand-crafted Piñata and learn the traditions behind this party favorite.
Guests with nut allergies should not take this tour.