Turtle Nesting Night Tour

Turtle Nesting Night Tour


Samara Adventure Company


Trip Description

Camaronal beach is the nesting home for three of the seven species of sea turtles, in
the world: The Olive Ridley, Leatherback, and Hawksbills Black. All three of these
species have been declared endangered. The protection of these sea turtles’ precious
natural environment – a non-developed beach- is an ongoing project. And one of our
dearest treasures in Costa Rica.
Bright lights and noise can scare turtles away, and make them turn back to the sea
before laying their eggs. That is why kindly we ask that you wear dark clothing and
refrain from using cameras or any other type of light.
The turtles nest at Camaronal all year round, but the best season is from June until first
days of January. This tour is during the night, and you will get to experience firsthand
this beautiful natural process of life, from turtles laying eggs to their birth, when they
hatch the eggs and start their journey into the sea! If are a nature lover this is the
perfect way to see it up close!


First we will pick you up at 7 pm to start our journey toward Camaronal. Our
experienced guide will walk you through some interesting facts about the area. While
silently waiting for nature to play one of the most beautiful happenings. Always
respecting the space, the turtles need to go through this extenuating process.
Remember we are home to three species, all of them have been declared endangered,
meaning we have to really appreciate and enjoy nature’s gifts. Along the time we wait,
there will be drinks and snacks. Come join us in this beautiful spectacle!

WHAT TO BRING: Repellent, walking shoes, dark clothes

Included: Transportation to and from your hotel in Samara and Carrillo town, entrance fee, experienced and bilingual guide, snacks and drinks.

Minimum: 2 People


8 am till 7.00pm