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USS Spiegel Grove is a Landing Ship Docking Navy vessel that once decommission became one of the Worlds best dive sites and it's right here in Key Largo. Max depth 141feet/ Min depth 62feet. Must be guided with O/W certification or AOW certified.
The Worlds most requested dive site to visit is the Christ of the Abyss in Key Largo, Florida Keys. This is a 4000 pound bronze statue over 9 feet high resting in just 25 feet of water. The lovely Key Largo Dry Rocks Reef surrounds the statue and with a max depth of 32 feet, and shallowest on top the reef of just 3 feet of water, it is an excellent site for divers and snorkelers alike.
One of the oldest wreck dive/snorkel sites in Key Largo, is home to The City Of Washinton shipwreck. For 3 decades this site was used by a dive shop to run weekly shows of hand feeding wild nurse sharks, giant green moray eels, and Great barracuda. These fish are no longer fed here, but still flock to welcome divers/snorkelers as they enter the water. You may even find huge French Anglefish swim along almost as your dive buddy while at this site. Max depth is 35feet.
Cavernous coral formations with large swim thru areas covered in fish and thriving coral life. From May - August cavernous areas filled with silverside minnows, which are amazing to swim thru!
Sunk to create artificial reef for the Fl. Keys November 28, 1987 as a recreational diving site. This 327 foot long U. S. Coast Guard Cutter (WPG 31) was built in 1937. Shallowest depth on this dive is 111 feet and Deepest depth near props in the sand is 139 feet. Wreck lays on her starboard side. Best to do this dive on an enriched air Nitrox blend of 27% Oxygen for max bottom time due to wreck depth.
This 327 foot long U.S. Coast Guard Cutter (WPG 33) was intentionally sunk as an artificial reef on 26 November 1987 about 6 miles off the coast of Key Largo in 126 feet of water. She sits upright making the shallowest depths of this dive 65 feet deep and the deepest depths by the props in the sand 126 feet. Plenty of open rooms on upper decks to explore and suggested enriched air Nitrox blend of 30% Oxygen for this dive to enjoy the best bottom time due to depth. Often see Bull Sharks and Black Tip Reef Sharks as well as schools of Great Barracuda at this wreck site.
25 - 55 feet depth range at French Reef. Great site for any level divers or snorkelers. Beautiful cavernous coral swim-thru areas with beautiful white sand bottom.
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