Feed the Camels

Learn about our Bactrian Camels while feeding them in this up close adventure!


Bactrian Camel exhibit, Red River Zoo


Do you know the difference between a Dromedary and a Bactrian camel?  What are those humps made of?

Find out about our Bactrian Camels while you're feeding them with one of our Bactrian Camel feeding experiences.

$5 per person.

Redemption Instructions

When you arrive at the Zoo, show your purchase receipt to the admissions desk.  They'll hand you your ticket.  During the designated feeding time frame, head to the Bactrian Camel feeding station.  The feeding station is located on the backside of the Bactrian Camel exhibit, next to the Sichuan Takin exhibit and the Carousel Pavilion.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Space is limited.  Tickets may be purchased in advance or at the Zoo.  All Bactrian Camel feeding ticket purchases are non-refundable and valid only for the date of purchase.