Pint-Sized Explorers

Pint-Sized Explorers are children ages 4-6 years old.


Red River Zoo


Enjoy the Red River Zoo educational experiences from the comfort of your home with our Pint-Size Explorers program. With this new format, you will be sent a class video ahead of time that will include a keeper chat video with one of our Red River Zoo Zookeepers, a critter close-up with 2 of our Ambassador Animals, a storytime, and presentation about a themed topic. During our normal class time, you will be able to participate in a video call with some of our very own Red River Zoo animal experts to ask any questions you may have come up with while watching your class video. We know being stuck at home is no fun, so come and participate in our Pint-Size Explorers virtual class.

This program is for children ages 4 to 6.

Program fees are $20 for Zoo Members/ $25 for non-Zoo Members


December 17th Beaks, Teeth, and Talons

January 14th Tundra

February 11th Forest

March 10th Desert

April 14th Grasslands

May 12th Ocean