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Hey, Homeschool Families, are you looking for a fun way to meet some of your science requirements? Well stop by the Red River Zoo and check out our new Homeschool classes. This season's classes are designed with National Next Generation Science standards in mind to support your learning outside of the zoo. 

Who: Children in grades 1st through 5th

What: A fun animal science class at the Zoo!

Where: The Red River Zoo

When: 12 PM- 3:30 PM

Why: To have fun and explore science at the zoo


  • Register online
  • $30/child for non-members, $25/child for members
  • Limited space (20 participants)
  • If you have any questions about this class, feel free to e-mail our education department at:

Class Dates: September 15th, October 20th, November 10th

September 15th 

Standard used: 2-LS4-1

Join us while we discuss how diverse all of earth's organisms are, and explore the Biodiversity seen both on and off-exhibit at the Red River Zoo. 


October 20th

Standard used: 3-LS4-3 

Not every animal is suited to every environment, this is why we don't see whales on land or leopard geckos in the ocean. During this class, we explore why some animals are better suited to certain environments over other environments. 


November 10th

Standard used: 3-LS4-1 

Join us as we go back in time to explore are how fossils connect to our present-day animals. We will explore how prehistoric animals have evolved in various ways, and investigate how some of our are animals at the zoo might resemble the dinosaurs.