Explorer Camp

Completed grades 1-2


Red River Zoo


The 2022 Summer Day Camps at the Red River Zoo are week-long experiences where children will participate in various activities throughout the zoo.  Participants may take part in outdoor adventures, creating crafts, playing animal themed games, experiencing animal encounters, and more.   Coordinated and led by the Education Department, children are sure to have an active, safe and fun experience.  Each respective camp session has a different theme that the children will explore throughout the week.  Join us to discover animals and their habitats while having a wild time at the Red River Zoo! 

COVID-19 Precautions:

  • Youth will be instructed not to attend if they are feeling sick or if they have been recently exposed to someone with COVID-19
  • Camps will follow all group size guidelines issued by the CDC
  • Participants will be encouraged to wear masks when possible
  • Staff will wear masks at all times
  • Students will maintain a minimum of six-foot distance from other campers (unless they are in the same family)
  • Classes will take place outdoors whenever possible
  • If an activity takes place indoors, students will be seated 6 feet apart. All tables and chairs will be disinfected before and after use
  • All materials used for activities will be disinfected before and after use.
  •  Classes will include encounters with some animals but students will not be able to touch or feed the animal.
  • We will follow any guidelines that the state puts out and continue to be proactive with our precautions.

Explorer Camp (Completed Grades 1-2)

Sessions run in the morning from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and in the afternoon from 2 p.m.- 5 p.m.

Members $105 + a Red River Zoo Summer Camp T-shirt

Non-Members $125 + a Red River Zoo Summer Camp T-shirt


Camp Dates and Themes:


Camp Carnotaurus (This Camp is Full) 

June 13th-17th

This week's camp will explore the world of pre-historic. We will be focusing on dinosaurs and experiencing a little bit of the world of Jurassic Park. There will be time to see fossils and to learn how they are made, and how we can tell certain things about our prehistoric friends. At this time we do not offer the real-world creation of a camper's own dinosaur, however, we will be practicing mixing genetics to see the potential outcomes of merging different dinosaurs. 


Junior Ranger (AM Camp is Full) 

July 11th-July 15th

The Park Ranger Motto is Integrity, Honor, Service. During this camp, we will be exploring how National Park Rangers fulfill this motto and what skills and practices we can do to be more like our park ranges. We will be exploring concepts like leaving no trace, and how to best protect the wildlife. 


Animals Around the World (AM Camp is Full) 

August 8th-12 

While animals in North Dakota are particularly special to us, we are going to be learning about all the amazing animals from all over the world. This camp will spend one day on each continent to explore all of their most well-known, and most surprising animals.