Bush Pilot Program - 25 Hour


Parry Sound


The Career Bush Pilot Program is geared towards pilots entering the industry, or those who want a complete understanding of float flying.

We have many advanced float training options, ranging from a few hours of extra float flying to add to your skills after completion of the seaplane endorsement, to our packaged 25, and 50 hour Career Bush Pilot Programs.

We pride ourselves on offering seaplane training to our clients that is second to none. Graduates leave our facility feeling confident in their newly acquired seaplane skills, but also aware that there is still much to learn, that can only be acquired by personal experience.

Our most popular advanced training is our 50 hour Career Bush Pilot Program. Our program is a dual flight instruction program, focused on continuous training throughout the session.

Package Includes

  • 24 hours of dual flight instruction
  • 1 hour of solo circuits
  • ALL ground training The book
  • “How to Fly Floats” by JJ Frey
  • Additional hours for the C180 are $455 + HST.