Paddle Boarding Cruise Arrival


Paradise Cove


Paddle Boarding is an alternative that offers an expanded view during your sea travel experience.

This is one sport that is actually easier than it looks and most people can navigate the board with just a little practice. Paddle Boarding offers a unique vantage point to view the beautiful shoreline landscape that surrounds Paradise Cove.

You can also spot a variety of sea life right from your standing position by gazing into the crystal clear waters around you while the warm sunshine fills you with its amazing energy of the Caribbean.


  • Meal $9.50
  • Lounge Chair $6.00
  • Beach Umbrella $7.00
  • Kayak $18.50
  • Kayak-2 $25.00
  • Snorkel Equipment $21.50

Pick Up Schedule

Pick up time is 1 hour after cruise ship docks at the big white tent near to where you leave the ship.

Margaritaville cruise ship passengers pick up time is 9:30AM in front of the customs hall as you leave the ship.

What's Included

All paddleboarding equipment and transportation to and from. Add a meal for an additional $9.50 per person.