Horse Camp


Days 1 through 4: Activities consist of a mix of ground and riding lessons. Subjects include grooming, saddling, feeds and feeding, tack, horse care, horse anatomy, and colors, reining, balance, cues, lunging, and more.
*Other activities offered are fishing, archery, roping, horsey arts and crafts.

Day 5: Ground lessons will be reviewed, and all campers will go on a trail ride. One parent or guardian is invited to come along.

Leave: 12:00PM *

Food: Snacks, and drinking water will be provided for all.

Liability Statement

This liability statement allows entry upon lands owned or leased by Broken Bow Ranch ("The Ranch") and Sorrells' at 1755 E Malloy Bridge Road for riding. Permittee is not allowed to ride until this statement is read and acknowledged. The Ranch does not know the proficiency of the other participating riders, and The Ranch specifically does not make any warranty or representation of any type, kind or character, whatsoever, as to existing conditions upon said lands for riding purposes. Any person entering upon such lands enters at his or her own risk, accepts such lands in their existing conditions, and recognizes that all riding is potentially dangerous because of the use of horses by riders of varying degrees of proficiency. In consideration of being permitted to participate in this riding activity, I as a rider and/or parent or guardian of any accompanying minor, unconditionally release and hold harmless The Ranch against and for all liability, cost, expenses, claims and damages for which The Ranch might otherwise become liable by reason of any accidents, or injuries to or death of any persons, or damage to property or both, in any manner arising or resulting from, caused by, connected with or related to the presence of any such person upon such lands and premises, regardless of how, where or when such injury, death or damage occurs even if caused by the negligence of The Ranch, its agents, servants, or employees, or due to conditions or operation on or defect in the premises.