Normal or Urban Bicycle Rental


Santiago St. 18 (Starting point)

La description

We also rent city bikes in Madrid! Our fleet is a reference in the world of cycling in the capital of Madrid. So you can choose between: a light-weight aluminium frame city bike or a 7-speed folding bike with a transmission belt. Enjoy a comfortable walk through any area of the city without worrying about the slopes or fatigue. In addition, pedalling assistance will help you to forget the effort on your bike and will allow you to enjoy an increasingly sustainable city in urban mobility: Madrid.

Here is the map of Madrid’s cycling routes and you will see how our bike lane continues to expand throughout the community.

Sign up for a ride we will provide you with the means.

• We have the bikes ready for you (loaded, clean and balanced) • We maintain and store them so that they are always available. • We provide you with what you need: helmet, map or raincoat if you need it. • Rental according to the type of bicycle and contract. • You can choose a regular city bike or a folding bike.

Modules complémentaires

  • Seguro accidente 1,95 €