Swim with the Sailfish


Isla Mujeres

La description

  • Price: 175 USD per Person
  • Deposit: 50 USD per Person
  • Remaining Balance 125 USD per Person (Due on the day of the tour)

During the months of January and February, Isla Mujeres receives schools of one of the fastest fish in the sea: the Sailfish. Get in the water and observe these amazing hunters in action! Now we bring you the opportunity to snorkel close to the amazing Sailfish while they are chasing a ball of sardines as fast as they can. The Sailfish is the fastest of all marine fish. They can reach speeds of 30m/s, which is equivalent to 120 Km/h (75 mph). We will take you out in our fully equipped boat to go find these wonderful fish in his natural world. The tour starts early in the morning about 7 am, somedays we’ll have to go further but we’ll always try our best to find them in this great adventure! We provide drinks and lunch on board as well as bilingual guide and all the snorkeling gear. We manage small groups.

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