Standard Bi-Weekly Subscription



La description

We recommend this service for individuals and families that are on the go or just enjoy having a professional cleaner maintain there home. We assign specific cleaners to your home that will come out once a week to service your home. We develop a personal relationship with you and understand whats important when it comes to your home.
Provide requested scheduling date/times for ongoing subscription cleaning services and Express24clean will contact you directly to confirm availability.

Modules complémentaires

  • Inside Fridge $50.00
  • Baseboard $50.00
  • Windows $25.00
  • Inside Oven $20.00
  • Inside Cabinets $30.00
  • Deep Blind Cleaning $99.00

Standard Clean Checklist (Included):


  • Counter-tops
  • Re-fridge (exterior), Microwave (interior, exterior) Stove-top
  • Inside sink
  • Spot clean cabinets
  • Dust light fixtures


  • Countertops
  • Wipe down products/containers Toilet
  • Scrub Bathtub
  • Wipe tiles
  • Wipe mirrors
  • Sweep
  • Mop


  • Dust furniture Dust frames Sweep
  • Vacuum (if provided)
  • Floors: Dry mop Wet mop


  • Light Blinds Shelves
  • Table & chairs Picture frames Shelves