Squalo Adventures PADI/SSI dive resort.

We are located inside Plaza Isla Mujeres , Av Hidalgo and Juarez Street.

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eLearning - ReActivate


Isla Mujeres


PRICE : $1,600 MXN

Price in USD dependent on daily exchange rate


PADI ReActivate/Scuba Tune Up


Need a scuba tune up? Planning a trip? With the PADI Reactivate program you can brush up your skills, feel more comfortable and be ready to jump in the water.



 Knowledge Development (online eLearning) to understand the basic principles and theory of scuba diving
Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills in the pool



Online homework which is fun, informative, and self-guided learning online.


Once eLearning is completed schedule a 2 hour in store classroom session 
A one-day or 1/2 day pool session (9:45am or 12:00pm)


Before jumping in the water, you must have:

Completed the PADI RSTC Medical Form
Completed the Knowledge Reviews & Quizzes with a minimum of sections 1-3 in the PADI Open Water eLearning (although we suggest you complete all sections so if you decide to continue on with us your work is done)
Purchased your snorkeling gear (ie. mask, snorkel, fins, booties and gloves (and though optional, hoods are recommended) Ask about our student discount!
Transportation to/from the pool.
*Parking, meals, drinks, hotel accommodations and gratuities are not included.



eLearning online
Scuba Gear Rental during the course (ie. BCD, wetsuit, regulator, tanks & weights)
PADI ReActivated Certification Card



To be able to take this course, you must be:
10 years or older
Have a verified scuba certification
In good physical and mental health
Must know how to swim


Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions 





A full refund will be issued by Squalo Adventures to the client, if a dive tour is cancelled by management due to bad weather, port closure or necessary boat maintenance. 

A full or partial refund will be issued by Squalo Adventures to the client at the end of a tour, if the client was unable to complete one or both dives due to equipment damage or malfunction. 

A full refund will be issued by Squalo Adventures to a client who has reserved online via email, if the client cancels their dive tour with more than 72 hours notice. 

A full refund will be issued by Squalo Adventures to the client, if the client cancels their dive with more than 24 hours notice and if they can present a valid doctors note stating specifically that the client cannot participate in scuba diving activities. 



Once a course has started there will be NO REFUNDS. If a course cannot be completed due to bad weather the student is invited to return to the Squalo Adventures within 1 YEAR to complete their training with us. If the student is unable to return within the year to finish the course with Squalo Adventures, we will issue them with their referral paperwork to continue their training with a different dive shop elsewhere. 



May I receive a refund if I am unable to complete one or both dives due to equalization problems? No – it is the responsibility of the diver to ensure that they are medically fit for diving prior to the tour and to answer the medical questionnaire honestly. 

May I receive a refund if I unable to complete one or both dives due to sea-sickness? No – if you are in any doubt about whether or not you may suffer from sea-sickness, please advise our staff before boarding the boat and we will be happy to provide you with some dramamine (sea-sickness prevention medicine). 

May I receive a refund if I do not want to do the second dive because I am cold/tired? No – if you think there is a possibility that you will get cold during one or both dives, tell our staff when they are preparing your gear BEFORE the dive and they can give you a full wetsuit PLUS a shortie wetsuit to wear on top, to keep you twice as warm. It is the responsibility of the diver to get a good amount of sleep the night before a dive tour and have the physical condition necessary to dive to avoid getting tired. Remember that diving is an activity which requires some moderate physical exertion. If you have any mobility issues, discuss these issues with our staff BEFORE the tour and we will ensure that we will make things as easy as possible for you. 

May I receive a refund if I am a bit hungover after a night out with friends and feel too bad to dive the following day? Absolutely not – alcohol, hang-overs and diving do not mix. Please abstain from drinking a lot of alcohol the night before a dive tour. 

May I receive a refund if I do not want to dive because of unfavorable conditions, such as too much waves, current, surge or poor visibility? No – we are diving in the ocean and conditions can change without much notice. Check out the weather conditions with our staff when signing up for the tour and use your good judgement in deciding whether or not to reserve your tour. 

May I pay a small deposit to reserve my space on the boat and will you refund it if I decide last minute not to go? No – your space on the boat has been reserved and prevents us from selling to another customer. We prefer you to pay the balance of your tour 24 hours before the trip. This enables us to complete all paperwork and organize equipment the day before the tour.

WithinCancellation Fee
3 Days0.0%
2 Days100.0%
Classes Outdoors