S.T.R.E.A.M. Club

Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, and Math


Red River Zoo


Come and join us at the Red River Zoo for STREAM Club. S.T.R.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Each rotation will cover topics in each of the STREAM areas with an overlying theme. Each section of STREAM Club time will also include a critter close-up, as well as an opportunity to feed some of our amazing animals. Join us in this adventure in learning. 
Every Thursday from 4 to 6 PM
Ages 11 to 13
$20 per week for members/$25 per week for non-members
20 spots per week
Rotation 2 Theme: Weather
Week 1- Science
Join us at the Red River Zoo this week as we use science to create lightning in a few fun and interesting ways, it is going to be electrifying!!
Week 2- Technology 
Thermometers are a great technology used to measure our outdoor temperatures and this week we are going to make our own. Join us as we create this basic technology and learn more about the tech used to observe and predict our weather.
Week 3- Research
Sometimes plants can help us predict the weather, and this week we will be researching the different ways it does. Join us as we explore the outdoors and get creative with our weather prediction.
Week 4- Engineering
This week we will focus on a number of tools used to predict the weather, and use that information to engineer our own weather stations. 
Week 5- Art
This week we are going to create wind chimes using recycled items. Feel free to bring in any recycled items you might be interested in using to create your masterpiece.
Week 6- Math
When planning for how we care for our animals through the different seasons it is important to look at the weather and plan for how much food we need to have available. This week we are going to be calculating what amounts of certain food items we might need to store for certain animals depending on how long winter might be. 
Rotation 3 Theme: Space
1/7 Week 1- Science
As we begin our journey through space we are going to start with an introductory look at our solar system and how big it really is.
1/14 Week 2- Technology 
Space travel is full of technology and during this class, we are going to look at some awesome current technology in space travel as well as designing our own rockets.
1/21 Week 3- Research
Each of the planets in our Solar System holds a special role in our universe and we are going to take time in this class to research each planet, and how unique they each are. 
1/28 Week 4- Engineering
On February 18th the next Mars rover (Perseverance) will hopefully land on Mars. During this class, we are going to explore the engineering behind this current rover, and plan our own trip to Mars. 
2/4 Week 5- Art
We have sent telescopes into space that have captured stunning images of other galaxies. We are going to look at some of those beautiful images and try our hand at recreating them using drawing and painting.  
2/11 Week 6- Math
Space travel involves a lot of geometry to help the rockets, rovers, and satellites travel through space. In this math lesson, we will be exploring some of that geometry as well as creating some geometry based origami that is the small scale version of a technology that is actually going into space.