S.T.R.E.A.M. Club

Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, and Math


Red River Zoo


Come and join us at the Red River Zoo for STREAM Club. STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Each rotation will cover topics in each of the STREAM areas with an overlying theme. Each section of STREAM Club time will also include a critter close-up, as well as an opportunity to feed some of our amazing animals. Join us in this adventure in learning. 
Every Thursday from 4 to 6 PM
Ages 11 to 13
$20 per week for members/$25 per week for non-members
20 spots per week
Rotation 1 Theme: Animals 
Week 1- Science
During this class we will be learning about the animals we have here at the zoo and students will design a sign based on what they have learned about that animal and from our existing exhibit signs
Week 2-Technology
This class will focus on building basic technology food launcher using recycled materials. Feel free to bring in any recycled materials you would like to use for your build, and we will provide some as well. 
Week 3- Research
Research is a big part of the animal world, and we will be conducting some of our own. Participants will learn what an ethogram is, an ethogram is a chart of all the different kinds of behavior or activity observed in an animal, and begin conducting their own ethogram research. 
Week 4-Engineering
As we learn more about animals we discover that vertebrate animals carry weight in different ways, so this week's engineering task will be to design a spine to hold as much weight as possible. We will create and test our designs using various household supplies. 
Week 5- Art
Here at the zoo some of our animals even make art which is what we will be doing this week. We will assist some of our animals in the process of creating masterpieces and discuss what benefits this may have for them. 
Week 6- Math
Every animal is unique and so are their diets, so this week we will explore the math behind creating and formulating diets for some of our animals. 
Rotation 2 Theme: Weather
Week 1- Science
Join us at the Red River Zoo this week as we use science to create lightning in a few fun and interesting ways, it is going to be electrifying!!
Week 2- Technology 
Thermometers are a great technology used to measure our outdoor temperatures and this week we are going to make our own. Join us as we create this basic technology and learn more about the tech used to observe and predict our weather.
Week 3- Research
Sometimes plants can help us predict the weather, and this week we will be researching the different ways it does. Join us as we explore the outdoors and get creative with our weather predicting.
Week 4- Engineering
This week we will focus on a number of tools used to predict the weather, and use that information to engineer our own weather stations. 
Week 5- Art
This week we are going to create wind chimes using recycled items. Feel free to bring in any recycled items you might be interested in using to create your masterpiece.
Week 6- Math
When planning for how we care for our animals through the different seasons it is important to look at the weather and plan for how much food we need to have available. This week we are going to be calculating what amounts of certain food items we might need to store for certain animals depending on how long winter might be.