E.T. Extra Toppings


Palatine, IL


You and your group have a reservation tonight at Area 50-Yum, an alien-themed pizza restaurant in town. When you get there, your server pulls you aside and tells you that they think something...strange is going on there. Luckily, their manager is going to be gone for an hour! Can you uncover the government conspiracy at Area 50-Yum before your hour is up and you all get caught?


  • Party Room for 30 minutes $20.00
  • Food Clean-up Fee (mandatory when food or drink is consumed in party room) $20.00

What to expect

You should expect a good mix of hidden objects, logic puzzles, locked boxes, and technology-focused puzzles. No running, jumping, or climbing required. No math or outside knowledge required! The room is wheelchair-accessible. The room is well-lit throughout and not claustrophobic.