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Denver Region Exploration Geologists Society/ Symposium Self- Guided TOUR



With the current and anticipated inflationary conditions in mind, Earth Treasures Tours (ETT) is delighted to offer you an affordable self-guided tour that perfectly suits your preferences and budget. As your virtual guide, I am excited to present a mutually beneficial opportunity for you, ETT, and the Denver Region Exploration Geologists' Society (DREGS).

Outlined below are the details of this offer. By booking now for only $24.95 per group, you will automatically receive the proceedings and field trip guide from DREGS' 2017 Symposium on Colorado's Gold and Silver Deposits in Colorado. These valuable resources will enhance your familiarity with the rocks, geology and mines of this historically significant mining region. 

Moreover, as part of the $24.95 group cost, ETT will provide the following:

  • A comprehensive welcome packet from the virtual guide, which includes instructions on effectively utilizing the DREGS Field Trip Guidebook, safety tips, definitions of gold and silver, mineral education, recommendations for top-rated museums of interest, and much more.
  • Opportunities to explore informative mining-related clubs as a guest, with the option to become a member should you desire to do so.


 As your virtual guide, it makes me happy knowing you will enjoy your educational journey, one that will go down as fond memories you can be sure to take to the future. 


  • Gold Pan Package $25.00

DREGS Copyrights

The authors of the abstract and field trip guides and the owner of the pictures that have been use in the guidebook volume have retained their copyrights to their works. These copyrights holders have provided individually to the three sponsoring organizations- the CSM Geology Museum, the Denver Region Geologist' Society and the friends of the CSM Geology Museum -a non-exclusive license of unlimited duration to reproduce, sell or distribute within the United States, physical and digital copies of this entire volume, and not parts of this volume at their organizations discretion. These rights cannot be sold or transferred to any other individual or organization.

Self-Guided Tours Cancellation Policy

There are no cancellations when booking a self-guided tour. 

Booked tours will automatically receive their virtual guide tour package in your email.

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