CALAUIT SAFARI TOUR plus DUGONG WATCHING (not available on Sunday)

Minimum 2 divers or 3 non divers/snorkeler


Calauit, Philippines

Certification and/or Previous Experience Necessary


**Advance booking required due to maximum limit of visitor allowed per day at the Dugong Watching area.

**Not available on Sunday.

Travel time to reach the site: 1 - 1 hr and 20mins. 

Estimate time of departure: 7am  | Duration: Approx. 8 hours 


We offer dive or snorkel trips to Calauit where you are able to encounter natures only herbivore marine mammal.  The population is approximately 40 left in the wild. Calauit is a shallow feeding ground where 2-3 Dugong are known to graze regularly on the sea grasses. Club Paradise dive pros and local guide will be there to accompany you for an unforgettable up-close and personal experience with these enchanting creatures. The trip is weather permitting and does not operate on Sundays. Lunch is included.


0700H – 0730H > Depart Club Paradise

0830H              > Arrive Calauit Conservation

                          2 hrs land tour

1100H              > Dugong Interaction (depending how many in que) **Note: Sighting is not guaranteed

1400H – 1500H > Head back to Club Paradise



  • For DIVERS - 2 dives (1 dive Dugong Watching + 1 dive in Dimpiac/nearby dive site), with cookies, juice, coffee, tea or water, lunch, boat, air tank, weights and services of a dive professional.
  • For NON DIVERS/SNORKELERS - includes cookies, juice, coffee, tea or water, lunch, boat, full snorkeling equipment and guide.   
  • Safari Tour includes jeep rental, guide and feeds.  


  • Entrance fee:  Safari Php500 (foreign), Php300 (local) | Dugong Watching Php500 (snorkeler), Php750 (diver) 
  • Dive equipment rental 


  • Rental: Full equipment (mask, fins, wetsuit, BCD, regulator, weights, and belt) $30.00
  • Rental: Gopro Video / Photo $30.00
  • Boat Dive: Dugong Watching at Rock Island and Calauit $140.00