House Reef Diving (beach entry)

No minimum pax required.


Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Certification and/or Previous Experience Necessary


Enjoy all day diving, as you explore between our two reefs!

Dive Sites: Cottage 20, Clam Garden, University, Lobster Rock

Includes air tank, weights and services if a dive professional. 


The Club paradise house reef was once on the list as one of the best house reefs in the world and it is easy to see why. An easy beach entry from the dive centre bring you face to face with not one , but two schools of fishes. Do a dive in the early morning or late afternoon and the schools change shapes as trevallies zoom into the scads or jacks for a quick meal. Nearby, resident turtles lounge on the sea grass, nibbling these as the day goes by. The sandy area is a classic muck site, with attractive seahorses living among the Halameda coral. Panda or saddleback clown fishes and their host anemones and commensal shrimp are also available for macro shooters. Be sure to look for the piece of coconut shell or shard of pottery covered with eggs in the area around the anemone. It’s great fun to observe the mom aerating the eggs.

Maximum Depth: 20 meters

Visibility: 10 to 20 meters

Current: None to mild, seldom strong




  • Rental: Full equipment (mask, fins, wetsuit, BCD, regulator, weights, and belt) $30.00
  • Rental: Gopro Video / Photo $30.00
  • Compass $8.00
  • Dive Computer $8.00
  • Rental: Wet Suit $8.00