Tours and Tastings (Private)

Private Tours and Tastings with Lori


Sonoita Vineyards


The tours generally run an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the group’s interactions with the winemaker personnel.

Under 21, the tours are free as long as accompanied by anyone over 21 who is attending one.

Private Tour, Tasting and Lunch:

  • We offer a lunch option with our tour and tasting, which allows for use of our Vintage Room. Sonoita Vineyards does not have a commercial kitchen so we’re unable to offer a luncheon ourselves.
  • Please coordinate with Copper Brothel Brewery, The Cafe, or The Steak Out for lunch. We love working with our friends. Payment for the lunch would be separate from the payment to the winery for the Tour & Tasting, and the lunch would be coordinated directly between the guest and the caterer of their choice.
  • For more information on this option please call or email the Winery. 520.455.5893 or

Making Reservations:

*Please call or email the winery to request a reservation.
520.455.5893 or

Tour & Tasting:

  • Booking must be made no later than one (1) week in advance.
  • (Minimum) 5-14 people $45/person
  • 15-50 (Maximum) people $40/person
  • Must provide 50% booking fee/credit card on file day of booking.
  • Number of people must be provided at time of booking.
  • Final number of people must be provided a week in advance; it is the responsibility of the individual to call with this number.
  • Cancellation is due 24 hours in advance or booking fee is kept.
  • Tours times/dates are subject to the Winery’s own working schedule. All times/dates may not be available during all times of the year.