Pool Session + Open Water eLearning

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Here you are booking for both, your eLearning and your pool session


Rey Diving (Brooklyn Sports Club)


PADI eLearning, and Pool Session

Complete the academics through the PADI eLearning system (about 12 hours of online work).

In the PADI eLearning program (step 1) you will learn the required scuba principles and concepts needed to continue your scuba training in the pool (step 2.) The eLearning has to be completed before the pool session. To enroll you must be 10 years old, or older.

Purchase your eLearning ($199) by clicking on the button below. When you are in the calendar view, first chose a date for your pool session (see description for the pool below,) chose a number of students in the party, then you will be asked to add the eLearning. Basically, you are purchasing the eLearning and your pool session together. If you need to buy either item separately, please call 347-610-8733. You will receive your Open Water Diver (eLearning) in your inbox.

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  • eLearning Open Water Diver $199.00 Required
  • Tropical Mask + Snorkel $54.90

Pool Session

All our pool classes are semiprivate with 4 students max per instructor. The World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) allows any training agency to teach 8 scuba students at a time for in-water training. Here at Rey Diving, we have a policy of 4 students max per instructor to maximize instructor’s attention to each individual in the class.

Our pool location is the Brooklyn Sports Club, —1540 Van Siclen Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Saturday Classes—1 Session

Saturdays from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. During the pool session, first you will fill out the PADI student record file, and complete a quick review with your instructor. Then you will proceed to the pool with your instructor for your confined water training.

Tuition $399 per person. Includes scuba equipment rentals to be used in the pool! Including tank, BCD, fins, and regulator. If you need to buy equipment for your trip, please let us know, we keep a stock of brand new basic scuba equipment.

Your tuition also includes your Logbook, your Recreational Dive Planner (RDP table, Imperial version) which you need for taking the quick review when you meet with your instructor. And we always give you a referral form, which you will need to take to your certifying instructor, either locally or abroad.

You are required to purchase your own mask and snorkel, please add those at check out.

Prerequisites for the pool session: Having completed the eLearning by the time of your pool session. You need adequate swimming skills and be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required.