Cheat Narrows


2764 N Preston Hwy. Albright, West Virginia 26519


The Cheat River is part of the largest undammed watershed in the Eastern United States. For us rafters, that means changing water levels every day. This is a part of what makes the Cheat special. Because of the natural flow and seasonal tendencies, the Cheat Narrows has two distinct seasons: Spring and Summer. Water levels tend to be higher in the Spring and lower in the Summer, however, Mother Nature is in control on the Cheat and we can get low water in the Spring and high water in the Summer. In the Spring the minimum age is 10 and in the Summer months, it is 7 years old. Trips are offered as an Express Trip (no stops) and the option is chosen and the water level will determine how long the trip takes. Duckies (One Person Inflatable Kayaks) Or Rafts (4-Man, 6-Man, 8-Man, or 10-Man) May Go Out based on the determination of Trip Leaders and Water Levels to ensure you an Adventurous Ride.

Important note:  This trip has a minimum of 6 rafters. We will send an email to confirm that minimums have been met and your trip is on.  This is not generally a problem.  You can be sure we will be running every Saturday in the spring.  You can always call and ask for dates that already have the minimum met.  If we haven’t filled enough spots by 24 hours before your trip, you will have the following options:

1) Cover the cost of the missing rafters to make up the 6-person minimum
2) Re-schedule your rafting trip for next best available trip
3) Rain check for future trip with Cheat River Outfitters
4) Refund for your trip


  • Wetsuit $10.85
  • Booties $5.66