Thanks for an amazing first season Saskatoon! We are winding down our online booking system. Please email to book October weekend rides (sale prices still apply).

Round Trip From/To River Landing Bus Stop

Departing and returning to River Landing

50 mins


River Landing to River Landing


Round trip bookings is a great option for birthday parties, daycare or multi-family groups. 

Hop on the Punch Buggy Express at the River Landing bus stop (beside the River Landing Spray Park concession stand) and enjoy a refreshing ride along Saskatoon’s stunning riverbank. Children must be accompanied by one or two adults, freeing up remaining adults to savour the scenery on their own. Helmets are optional and we have front row seats available for wee and non-cycling child guests.

Private groups enjoy the same scenic routes and guided experience as our public options. We cannot take the Punch Buggy on roads or bridges with passengers. 

This round trip booking experience will return your group back to where you started unless alternate arrangements are made to stop longer at the attractions along the way and make it a one way trip. Note: the driver needs to allow sufficient time to return for the next group.