Regular Cart -- Daily Rental

4-seater (2 front-facing, 2 rear-facing)


Pickup at Prisma Golf Carts Ave. Rueda Medina #9 c Centro Isla Mujeres


You can choose the number of days for your Regular Cart Rental. We offer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 day rentals for Daily Rentals.

If you prefer a weeklong rental, please choose the product Weekly Rental.


Reserve your golf cart:

  1. Select rental start date on the calendar.
  2. Then choose a time (ie: 9:00am - 900am)
  3. Select 1 Participant for 1 Regular golf cart rental. Regular golf carts seat 1 - 4 passengers.      

*Please note that when you select your quantity (the number of golf carts), the number of days (hours) for your reservation will be displayed.



Pickup location: Prisma Golf Carts Ave. Rueda Medina #9 c Centro Isla Mujeres

Important Information

  • We require a valid driver's license to rent the golf cart.
  • We are open from 9am to 8pm everyday.

Refund policy:

  • A day's worth will be charged on cancellations done 24 hours prior to the rental date.


Default Cancellation Policy

No refunds in cancellations done 48 hours prior to start date.
15 % penalty fee for cancellation from 48 to 96 hours prior start date 
10 % fee on refunds for cancellations
WithinCancellation Fee
4 Days10.0%
2 Days15.0%
23 Hours100.0%