Skills Subscription Package


Buy 4, half-day skills lessons at a reduced price and get a free Ozark Bike Guides official jersey ($80 value) and snapback logo hat ($20 value). You'll get a gift card and discount code you can use to actually schedule your lessons whenever you want, within Ozark Bike Guide's availability. You don't have to schedule anything at the time of purchase, and you can just book one lesson at a time as you see fit. There is no expiration date for booking your lessons, so go at your own pace. However, for a more effective timeline of learning, we suggest anywhere from once a month to one a season. 

This package is ideal for anyone seeking continual progression over time. By having a regular series of lessons, you have time to practice in between. We can then more easily build upon your skillset, without an information overload at each session.

We will provide you with a detailed, specific training plan to keep you on track from one lesson to the next. Consistent practice = confident riders.

Bigger discounts offered for bigger groups. So gather a few friends, get a great deal, and enhance your bike skills!

  • 1 Person = 10% discount
  • 2 People = 20% discount
  • 3 People = 25% discount
  • 4 People = 30% discount
  • 5 People = 35% discount
  • 6 People = 40% discount

All Skills Subscription prices have sales tax included.