Burley Bike Trailer 2 Children (4 Hour)

2 Seater Bike Trailer! Take the whole family!

Was the 2 Hour Rental not quite long enough? Explore even more of Ouray's terrain with a 4 Hour Rental.


The Burley Bike Trailer can trailer up to two children. The weight limit is 100lbs. 

Pick up your bike from our location at 408 Main St. Unit C, from there we will go over the bike(s) with you until you feel confident. With the map provided you can navigate through Ouray's beautiful country and see some of the highlights. This option allows for more time on the bike. Use it to explore more scenic places, grab a bite to eat, use it for fast access to the Ouray Hot Springs Pool. The 4 Hour Rental leaves plenty of time for anything you might want to do. 

Each rental will come with the following:

A basket for personal goods.

A helmet.

Map of the routes.

A bike lock. 


  • Branded Water Bottle $5.00