Hampton Court Palace Bike Tour £35- Mondays*, Wednesdays, Thursdays + Saturdays £45 @ 10am

Group River Thames cycle from Richmond Train Station to Hampton Court Palace (March-October)

A relaxing cycle to the 16th Century royal palace, join a tour Mondays*(palace closed Mondays June-mid July, September + October) check palace tickets available ), Wednesdays, Thursdays + Saturdays £45


Richmond , London


*Before booking ensure you know Hampton Court Palace is closed Mondays + Tuesdays September + October, this is a beautiful ride on its own without visiting the palace.

From Richmond Upon Thames, a short trip from Central London by train, you can cycle a beautiful relaxing River Thames route, passing riverside houses and pubs.

Use our bikes for this one way ride, you'll visit an ancient marketplace and enjoy a picnic lunch with fountain views Hampton Court Palace, before arriving at this former royal home. 

Leave the bikes and visit* the 16th Century palace if you wish or just enjoy a drink before returning from the nearby train station.

Add an extra cycle in the nearby Royal Park if you wish to see the Red and Fallow deer roaming this old royal hunting ground (return to the Palace or train station at 2.30pm). Add our afternoon tea picnic with homemade cakes and pots of tea in this unique location for larger groups.

March-October A public tour can be scheduled other days on advance request for £140 4+ people, or request a Private Tour- return to "Hampton Court Palace Tour Request £140+ 1-4 people"

*The Palace is not open Mondays + Tuesday in June-Mid July + from 5th September + all of October) so we have offered some weekend public tours at a cost of £45 per person, if you book Mondays you will be unable to go inside the palace