We now offer 2 hour charters!  Perfect for families with small children.  Choose the Multi-Activity option to BOOK NOW!

Custom LARGE GROUP Charter for MORE THAN 6 Passengers (4 or 6 Hour)

You choose the activity






For those who are looking for something private with a group of more than 6 and looking to personalize their experience we offer the option to book more than one boat for your group of more than 6 (Up to 18).  The reason is that in the United States and more specficially, throughout the Florida Keys, most boats are licensed by USCG for up to 6 passengers. Very few if any who do private charters (snorkel sites, sandbar, sunset tours) offer options for more than 6 passengers on a single vessel.  Additionally, an inspected vessel including life rafts is required in order do more than 7.  It’s very expensive and lots of overhead to maintain the certification once inspected. A break even point is tough for less than 20 or 30 passengers. I don’t know of any in Islamorada that do private charters of more than 6 on one boat. For more than 6 you need additional boats. We can help with that..  If you’d like to book a private charter of more than 6 the cost is $165 an hour per boat and we offer, 4 or 6 hour charters.  Click below to book.Call if your group is larger than 12 

5-Star Private 
Boat Charters Multi Tour
The Most Fun You Can Have In The Florida Keys!

Turn your Florida vacation into an Epic Adventure where you will experience up to 3 different activities in one tour! Multi Tour activities include Snorkeling, Sandbar party, and an epic Eco tour where you could be face to face with the neighborhood dolphins!

Island Adventures is a perfect way to host your next event! Whether it’s business or a personal occasion. Great for bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, team building and more! Get started today!

Our tours are arranged in two group sizes. 1-6 and 7-12 people. No group is too big or small!  Call if your group is larger than 12 

Perfect for families and groups of all sizes!

Snorkel the amazing clear waters

See the dolphins that swim with the boat

Hang out at the Sandbar for an epic party

Great for Events like Birthdays and Parties! Even team building!


Come snorkel through all the fabulous coral reefs with our expert snorkel guide. Depending on the time of year Sea Turtles, Dolphins, and Rays are all likely things you will see!

Sandbar Charter

Come enjoy an amazing day on the fabulous waters of the Florida Keys. Our multi-activity sandbar trips include snorkeling, and site seeing, finishing your day on the world famous Islamorada Sandbar. At Island Adventures, our job is your vacation!

Eco Dolphin Tour

After snorkeling during the ride to the sandbar we can hit a few of our local dolphins’ favorite places to hang out, and if we’re lucky we can have a photo shoot as the dolphins play in the wake of the boat!

Multi-Activity Large Group Excursion (Call or text 305-394-1436 for groups of more than 12!)

A typical day includes boarding our guests at their given time, heading out to either Hens and Chickens Reef, Cheeca Rocks, or Alligator Reef. Travel/distance to Alligator includes a surcharge due to distance - and is only available on perfect-weather days. Snorkel for an hour or more, then spending the remainder of the day at the Islamorada Sandbar. Mangrove Islands are an option on windy days as an alternative to Oceanside activities. Also, if not snorkeling, we can offer a mini-sightseeing cruise back to the dock on the bayside with views of the Mangrove Islands, a short home-tour, or a "bar hop". The captain customizes the day according to the guests desires and weather/water conditions. NOTE: Alternate, family-friendly location/sandbar may be offered during peak busy periods, eliminating the Islamorada Whale Harbor Sandbar..

Default Cancellation Policy

Full refund is granted if cancellation request is confirmed more than 48 hours in advance of the charter time by phone or text (This does not apply to large group charters.  Deposits for multiple boats are NON-REFUNDABLE). Weather conditions to be determined by the Captain, not the customer, the morning of the charter, with full refund if we cancel due to dangerous weather. Please understand the reason for our cancellation policy: Within 48 hours prior to your charter, we will not likely re-book the date you had chosen, and we owe the captain/mate at least a portion of their lost wages. Thanks for your understanding. Cancel by phone/text at 305-394-1436.  Specific cancellation requests will be considered and are at the full discretion of the Captain.

WithinCancellation Fee
2 Days5.0%
23 Hours100.0%