About and Contact

Hindu Charters is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing a unique and personal luxury sailing experience. Whether aboard the original company boat steeped with history—Schooner Hindu— the newly built sleek catamaran Argo Navis, or the powerful cutter Bloodhound, expect to be moved by the commitment of the company to preservation and innovation, the hard work and knowledge of the crew, and the souls of the boats themselves.

Hindu Charters is proud to support locally owned businesses in our two wonderful home ports of Key West, FL and Provincetown, MA  and hopes to offer those communities and all who visit them a sailing experience that becomes part of their tradition. We believe that an hour, or two, or six , on the water with great company, great crew, and beautiful boats can be a treat and a truly memorable and meaningful experience. We look forward to sailing with you!


321 Peacon Lane
Key West, Florida 33040
United States of America


Sailing June - September in Provincetown


(508)-542-2996 (Office)