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Swift Eagle Wilderness Homeschool

Every Friday | Preteens/Teens | Fall Sessions Start in Sep; Winter Sessions Start in Jan; Spring Sessions Start in Mar

weekly classes (Fall 10 weeks, Winter 8 weeks, Spring 10 weeks)


Conway, MA



2023 Winter Session starts Friday, 1/'s 8 weeks and ends 3/3 (skipping February Vacation week)

2023 Spring Session starts Friday, 3/'s 10 weeks and ends 6/2 (skipping April Vacation week)

2023 Fall Session starts Friday, 9/'s 10 weeks and ends 11/17 (possible Extra Fall Days to be added, 12/1 & 12/8, 12/16)

In the Heron Program, we began a foundation of learning nature awareness and wilderness living skills. The Swift Eagle Program introduces many new skills and adventures while building on the foundations of the Heron Program.

Curricular components and additions:
* Introduction to flint knapping
* Fire challenge
* Aidless navigation
* Harvesting materials
* Pottery and firing
* Net bags
* Natural sleeping bags
* Bow and arrow making
* Leatherwork
* Rock boring
* Survival cement
* Lost proofing
* Winter survival skills
* Advanced wilderness shelters
* Digging stick and fire hardening
* First aid training
* Journaling
* Language of tracking
* Learning animal gates
* Baskets and containers
* Fire with rocks
* The art of firemaking…bow drill, hand drill, fire plow
* Flint and steel
* Preparing for winter
* Secret spot
* Camouflage and invisibility
* Creating set of tools for survival
* Earth philosophy
* Make backpack
* Celebration and storytelling
* Plaster casts and making tracking museum
* Carving knife safety and knife care
* Animal forms and stalking kata
* Coal burning spoons and bowls

Curriculum covered is seasonal according to the natural laws and cycles of nature. For the development of wilderness living skills, it is necessary that we follow the rhythms of the Earth by harvesting materials and creating our earthen wares in the proper season.

Documentation of our experiences include photographs, measuring, mapping, independent study and research, drawing and journaling.


  • Knife $20.00
  • Wilderness Adventure Camp - Book $15.00

Age Restriction

Ages 10+

Spring Session T-Shirt!

includes t-shirt @ end of Program

Spring Duration

6 hours, 9 am-3 pm, every Friday (skipping April Vacation week), 10-week Spring Session

Fall Age Restriction

Ages 10+