Morros de Potosi experience

A day at sea at some of the best diving sites in Zihuatanejo. The Morros de Potosi experience allows you to discover even more of the beauty of the multiple deep or shallow dive sites.


Morros de Potosi


The Dive Zihua Morros de Potosi experience is the best way to spend a day at sea and discover what amazing dive sites the rocks emerging from the sea, south of Zihuatanejo are hiding. The view of the coast will certainly amaze you. There are possibilities of deep and shallow dives. At arrival, we gear for the first dive. During our surface interval, water and snacks are provided, then we slowly cruise around and admire the beauty of those sea mountains. You can witness the marine birds living around the rocks. The most common species are Brown bobbies, frigates and cormorans. During the humpback whales season, we might be lucky to see them around or hear them sing underwater. When our interval is completed, we do the second dive and enjoy lunch. During that time you can go for a swim, jump from the boat, do a little bit of snorkeling or just rest in the boat. After dive 3, we make our way home while you enjoy a soda or a special drink.

What will I see?

Eagle rays, sea turtles, moray eels, octopus, stingrays, school of fish, pufferfish, balloonfish, moorish idols, jacks, spiny lobsters, nudibranchs, sea horses, coral reefs, butterfly fish, angel fish and so much more.

Minimum of 3 participants