Check-in time for ANY ride is ALWAYS 45 minutes before your ride time. Unless told differently via confirmation email, we expect everyone to be mindful and vigilant when making plans.

Private 1.5hr Intermediate Ride

Starting at $70.00/Person | 1.5 Hours | Ages 10+ | Max Rider Weight: 240lb

Ready for a little more adventure and excitement?! Then this ride will not disappoint. Offering trotting and more scenic trails than the rest of our rides.


With a guide just for your group:

This ride will take you through several gorgeous pastures, crosses the creek at least twice and keeps you on your toes with the excitement of climbing at a steady pace to the top of a scenic mountain view. There, we will stop and take pictures of your group with the breathtaking view behind you. In certain months, you can actually see 3 different states. Our 1.5hr intermediate ride is a bit more challenging for young riders, especially if they've never ridden before. Because of this, we prefer to only take children 10 years old and up on the 1.5hr intermediate ride.

This ride includes pasture riding, trail riding through a wooded trail area, trotting and additional climbing through areas that are more steep than the rest of our rides. At times, intricate steering may be necessary, especially if rain caused the trails to be muddy. Our horses are experts but this can be overwhelming for inexperienced riders or less adventurous riders. Mud is just part of enjoying an outdoor activity. It does not hurt the horses.

We do not ever ride on terrain that has steep drop offs or falls risks. 

All of our rides will cross a gorgeous creek, where we allow the horses to freely drink. 


  • Add Kiddie Ride $15.00
  • Auto-Gratuity 20.00% Required