Check-in time for ANY ride is ALWAYS 45 minutes before your ride time. Unless told differently via confirmation email, we expect everyone to be mindful and vigilant when making plans.

Private 1hr Intermediate Ride

Starting at $60.00/Person | 1 hour | Ages 8+ | Max Rider Weight: 240lb

Includes some trotting and a little more adventure over the short narrow trail climbing up and down a small but fun h


Blue Ridge, GA


Privately guided with just your group:

Our intermediate ride is great for our customers that are feeling a little more adventurous! The one hour intermediate ride includes some pasture riding, trail riding through a wooded trail area and some trotting. This is a perfect ride for groups that have both beginners and more experienced riders since it is a mixture of our novice ride and 1.5hr intermediate ride.



  • Add Kiddie Ride $15.00
  • Auto-Gratuity 20.00% Required