Check-in time for ANY ride is ALWAYS 45 minutes before your ride time. Unless told differently via confirmation email, we expect everyone to be mindful and vigilant when making plans.

3 hr Valley River Ride

$140/Person | 3 Hours | Ages 12+ | Max Rider Weight: 240lb | Experienced Riders

This a gorgeous ride for our more experienced riders!


Blue Ridge, GA


This ride is approximately 3 hours of riding through the gorgeous wilderness of Cashes Valley. During the ride, there will be 6 creek crossings and a chance to hop off and rest. For anyone looking for a little more adventure, this trail is highly recommended! (For an additional fee, we will be happy to provide a brown bagged lunch for your ride). We do allow trotting and cantering on this ride.

This is a private ride. The price includes the private fee, trip fee and 3 hrs of privately guided trail riding through USFS. This is a drop-off ride where we meet at the barn and then haul you and your horses 3 miles into national forest. 


  • Auto-Gratuity 20.00% Required
  • Gratuity $5.00

Default Cancellation Policy


YOUR CHECK IN TIME IS 45 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR RIDE. EXAMPLE. "10am-11am ride time".....this means you will be expected to arrive at 9:15am. This allows us enough time to conduct our checklist of multiple things that must be done prior to your ride. (I.e. Filling out waivers, riding instructions, mounting up, etc) Arriving earlier than your check in time will NOT result in early departure. Our staff and horses rely heavily on the breaks between rides to rest and recover. Please be mindful and courteous of this time. 

Any group that does NOT check in on time will be subjected to any change necessary to help us adhere to our schedule. (possible examples: shorter ride times, cancelled ride without refund, bumped to a different ride, changed from "private" to a "public" ride, etc...) Our decision will be based on the specific circumstances and how late you arrive.


Turn off of hwy 515 onto hwy 5. (LEFT if coming from Ellijay, Cherry Log area/South or RIGHT if coming from Aska, Morganton, Mineral Bluff area/North....this is the red light at McDonald's in Blue Ridge) Drive 3.9 miles on hwy 5. Take a left onto hwy 2. Drive ANOTHER 3.9 miles on hwy 2 (this road is very curvy). Take a left onto Cashes Valley Rd. We are about .3 miles on the left. There is a sign at the end of Cashes Valley Rd, right before our driveway and at the entrance.

**Please follow these directions instead of using GPS.** If you MUST follow your GPS, please go through Blue Ridge THEN enter our address. This will prevent the GPS from taking you on a VERY scenic route that will end up getting you lost.


Please park as close to another vehicle as you safely can, as if you were on a marked asphalt parking lot. Even if the parking area is empty, please be mindful of the next ride and their parking situation by parking tightly and neatly. 

Tip for driving into our parking lot: put your car in low gear and do NOT stop when you turn into the parking lot, which is a slight grade. (The resident dogs will move, i promise. They are just excited to see you!!) Stopping will cause your car to spin ruts into the gravel and sling gravel under your car, especially if it isn't 4×4 or AWD. Slow and steady is your best bet but try to keep your momentum by not stopping until you are in your parking spot.



Please keep in mind that “No Shows” or last minute cancellations (within 24 hrs of your ride time) leave us with empty appointment times that we have very likely turned other customers away to hold those spots for you. Because of this, riders that do not honor their appointments will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the cost of the missed appointment. If you booked online, you will not be refunded if you need to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your ride. (See rain policy for exceptions) This also applies to bringing less riders than you booked for. You will be liable for every spot/horse held for your reservation unless you've cancelled prior to the day of.


We are reasonable people.We understand that things come up and emergencies happen. Please just make contact via email (or text @706-455-4529 )to explain any such situation and we will make a decision from there. Common courtesy goes a long way.

*Rain Policy*

In the event of inclement weather (or expected inclement weather), we will make contact with you prior to your check in time to make a plan. We WILL ride in light rain but do not expect you to. We will NOT ride in lightning, thunder or heavy rain. If riding is not safe, we will give you the opportunity to either reschedule or cancel. We do expect some flexibility on the customers part in regards to rescheduling being that we cannot control the weather. Typically, we will begin by pushing the ride back by a few hours but there is no one strict process. We take each situation as it comes. If you cannot reschedule and have to cancel, a gift certificate will be issued. Inclement weather is the ONLY exception in which we would allow same day cancelation, which is at our discretion. 

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