Daytime Walking Tour


Waterfront Park


We promise you're going to learn more about history on this tour than on any other tour in town. 

From modern-day Charleston, to how the city came to be, even mind-blowing facts about everything from Slavery to Santa Clause.    

But... we start by discussing what's important to you about history. What do you like, and what do you hope to learn. This allows us to focus the conversation where you want. 

We use a story format and I ask you a lot of questions to spur discussion. We'll walk you down the path of Charleston in a funny, interesting, sometimes irreverent way.  We're not going to sugar-coat anything, show you old pictures, or drone on about names and dates you won't remember. Our job is to give you the facts and let you make your own informed decisions about history. 

We'll start at Waterfront Park and head south to the famous Charleston battery. We'll see some amazing sights and have some fascinating discussions about the very colorful history of the early fort of Charles Towne. 

When we’re finished we’ll end up very close to where we started, the proud new owners of the most valuable souvenir you can take home from your trip – knowledge.

So come on ya'll,  this tour ain't gonna book itself! :)