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It is the mission of the Boston History Company to bring the history of Cambridge and Harvard to life through entertaining and educational walking tours. Founded as Cambridge Historical Tours in 2011 by Daniel Berger-Jones and Christopher Schultz, both Players on Boston’s Freedom Trail at the time. Recognizing the untapped potential of Cambridge’s rich history, they decided to cross the river and bring with them the enthusiasm and immediacy of costumed tours. Where Boston’s history has traditionally been dominated by the American Revolution, Cambridge has a wealth of stories from over 375 years of being America’s first college town. Home to abolitionists, literary luminaries, and of course, the nation’s oldest institution of higher learning, Cambridge helped to shape our national identity in its formative years. Where there are politicians, philosophers, and collegiate rebels in close proximity, there are countless tales to tell. 

As our company grew and evolved, we felt that pull back towards Boston, and following that have returned to the Freedom Trail , and expanded into Beacon Hill, the Back Bay, African American Heritage Trail, Museum of Fine Arts, and everywhere in between. The well known connection to the American Revolution and the founding of the nation is just scraping the surface to this city's long and fascinating story, and we cannot wait to share those with you!


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