For booking within 2 days of a trip, please call our on-island cell/WhatsApp line at MX (987) 101-8585, or our Cozumel Resort office at MX (987) 872-1061.

Advanced Open Water Certification




This course is designed to further develop diving skills and expose divers to the variety of adventures available underwater. Dive Paradise takes you on a minimum of 5 dives over a 2 day period.  This can be either 4 shore dives plus 1 boat dive, or 3 shore dives plus 2 boat dives.  We suggest this plan:

  • Included in your Advanced Open Water course with Dive Paradise is a shore dive for Underwater Navigation.
  • You can then schedule boat dives for Deep Diving, plus three other Adventure Dives to complete the certification. 
  • To take advantage of the beauty of Cozumel’s reef system and Dive Paradise’s expertise, we recommend: Deep Diving plus Multi-Level Diving (can be combined in one boat trip), Underwater Naturalist, and Night Diving.

All of these dives will be giving you valuable experience under the supervision of your PADI Instructor. They are also fun! You log dives and develop capabilities as you find new ways to experience scuba diving.

Following payment, our reservations team will contact you to schedule and to coordinate equipment rental.


Please also submit your diver registration and waiver online!

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National Marine Park Fee

The Marine Park charges $104 MXN Pesos (approximately $5.50 USD) for each day of diving. Dive Paradise collects this fee on behalf of the Marine Park during your check-in upon arrival.