For booking within 2 days of a trip, please call our on-island cell/WhatsApp line at MX (987) 101-8585, or our Cozumel Resort office at MX (987) 872-1061.

"Caribbean" 2-Tank Trip




Our "Caribbean" 2-Tank Trip is comfortable and relaxing. Our big boats are spacious - Divers get lots of elbow room to spread out. We can easily accommodate 26 divers on many of our Caribbean boats, but we guarantee a maximum of 16 divers (except for special requests for group charters).  Divemaster ratio is never more than 8 divers per Divemaster on Caribbean boats.  All boats in our fleet are specially designed and outfitted for diving comfort, ease, safety, and convenience.

We do 'diver's choice' on our boats - meaning our divers decide where they would like to dive that day. (Occasionally, due to strong currents or weather, the boat crew may make the dive site choice with your safety in mind.)

Boats make their first morning pick-up at 8:30am, at the Dive Paradise location at Cozumel Hotel & Resort.  The boats then head south, for pick-ups at Hotel Villablanca and Casa Del Mar.  You can expect to be back to your hotel between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. 

By prior arrangement, we can usually meet you at the dock of your hotel on our route, providing it has an accessible dock.  Important note:  Some hotels will assess you a fee for an outside operator to pick up from the dock. To avoid this assessment, you can come to one of the Dive Paradise facilities for pick up.
We have complimentary snacks, soft drinks, and water available during surface intervals. We work hard to be environmentally 'green' because we love our oceans, so if possible, please bring your own refillable water bottle to cut down on plastic waste.
Junior. Diver Limit: 10- to 11-year-old divers are limited to 40 feet and must have a private Divemaster on Caribbean trips. 12 years and older are limited to 60 feet with parental discretion.

Diving Certification Agency Safety Standards:

Divers must be "current" to qualify for boat diving:

•  If a diver’s last dive was within the last 12 months, a daytime 'warm-up' shore dive is required with a buddy or a Personal Divemaster prior to boat diving.  No solo divers allowed for shore dives.

•  If a diver’s last dive was 13 to 24 months ago, we require a Refresher course with an Instructor before any open water dive trip.

•  If a diver’s last dive was more than 25 months ago, we require a Scuba Tune-up course with an Instructor before any open water dive trip.


* Why are the Check-out dives & Refresher courses required in these cases? 

  1. Our liability release states that divers must comply with basic safety rules and PADI standards of diving, which clearly state that a diver is required to keep "current". A diver who has not been diving within a year is NOT current by PADI standards. A diver who has not been diving in two or more years requires a Refresher Course.
  2. We must verify that each diver's experience/health/fitness meet the standards for this specialty trip, both for operational efficiency and for everyone's safety.
  3. Dive Paradise takes pride in following standards - we are known for being the safest dive operation in the region! 
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  • Personal Divemaster $59.00
  • Non-Diver "bubble watcher" Companion (min. 12 years old) $40.00
  • Snorkeler Companion $45.00

Action Step: Please also complete your diver registration form and waiver online!

To help us prepare for your arrival, please click and submit your Diver Registration Form and Waiver.  We gather this information to give you the best possible experience.  Please complete this form so we can easily find you for on-island communication, and match you with our best services.  ¡Gracias!

National Marine Park Fee

The Marine Park charges $104 MXN Pesos (approximately $5.50 USD) for each day of diving. Dive Paradise collects this fee on behalf of the Marine Park during your check-in upon arrival.