For booking within 3 days of a trip, please call our on-island cell/WhatsApp line at MX (987) 101-8585, or our Cozumel Resort office at MX (987) 872-1061.

Discover/Intro to Scuba




This is an introductory course to scuba, otherwise known as a “Resort Course”. It is a 2-3 hour first experience in Cozumel’s special underwater world. This Dive Paradise class is not a true course and does not qualify you for boat dives. You will initially breath off SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) in 3-4 feet of water. As the comfort level increases, you will be taken to a depth of about 12 feet where several basic exercises are practiced. The experience most often culminates with an instructor/supervised fun dive to about 25 feet. If you decide to continue into a full certification course, the price paid for this course will be applied toward the cost of full certification through Dive Paradise.  Equipment Included
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  • Certification processing – PADI PIC $50.00
  • Shorty Wetsuit $10.00