Twilight 2-Tank Trip

Twilight 2-Tank Trip

Certification and/or Previous Experience Necessary




Unique Twilight 2-Tank Trip departs at 3:00 p.m. (time adjusted seasonally). We do a relaxed, afternoon dive after most other divers have finished for the day, and then we enjoy a surface interval while watching the sunset over the Yucatan.  At dusk, it’s time to bring out your dive lights to enjoy a second dive with the Cozumel nightlife not found at the local night hot spots!

We rent dive lights if you don’t have one, or if you prefer to leave yours at home. Back-up light is highly recommended. Tank lights and glow sticks available at Dive Paradise at Hotel Cozumel.

Soft drinks and water are available on the boats.

Jr. Diver Limit: 12 years and older are limited to 60 ft with parental discretion.

Available Add-Ons

  • Shorty Wetsuit - $7.00
  • BCD Jacket - $10.00
  • Dive Computer (Suunto) - $10.00
  • Dive Light - $7.00
  • Fins, Mask and Snorkel - $7.50
  • Regulator with SPG, Depth Gauge, and Octopus - $12.00
  • UW Digital Camera (Olympus 400/4MP) - $52.00
  • Package: BCD with Power Inflator, Regulator, Octopus, Depth & SP gauges, Mask, Snorkel and Fins - $16.00
  • Personal Divemaster/Guide (for 1-2 divers) - $44.00
  • Private Instructor (for 1-2 divers) - $60.00