Scuba Dive Refresher Course

For certified divers who have not been diving in 2+ years




This experience is the perfect warm-up prior to boat trips for those divers with limited or out of date diving.  By PADI standards, a diver who has not been diving in two or more years requires a Refresher Course.

During the 2 hour course you will build your confidence by going through a quick refresher and practicing the diving skills learned in the Open Water Course.  Includes one supervised beach dive. 



  • Equipment Rental Package x 1 day (does NOT include wetsuit or computer) $20.00
  • Shorty Wetsuit $10.00
  • Dive Computer (Suunto) $15.00
  • BCD Jacket with Power Inflator $12.00
  • Regulator with SPG, Depth Gauge, and Octopus $12.00
  • Mask & Snorkel $5.00
  • Fins $5.00