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Scuba Dive Refresher Course

For certified divers who have not been diving in over 12 months




Divers must be current, with a last dive within 12 months. If a diver is not current, the options are as follows:

  • Mandatory Refresher course (for 13 to 24 months since the last dive)
    Mandatory Scuba Tune-up (for 25 months or longer since the last dive)

During the 2 hour course you will build your confidence by going through a quick refresher and practicing the diving skills learned in the Open Water Course.  Includes one supervised beach dive.  This experience is the perfect warm-up prior to boat trips for those divers with limited or out of date diving!


Please also submit your diver registration and waiver online!

Action Step:  to help us prepare for your arrival, please click and submit your online Diver Registration Form and Waiver.  We gather this information to give you the best possible experience.  Please complete this form so we can easily find you for on-island communication, and match you with our best services.  ¡Gracias!