Swim with Whale Sharks


Playa del Carmen

Until recently, a diver would consider himself lucky if he saw one of these
creatures in a lifetime of SCUBA adventures. But here you are, smack in
the middle of the world's most striking phenomenon of marine biology.
Aquatic elephants on parade!

Now begins your whale shark adventure, with three opportunities to snorkel
or swim with the biggest fish in the ocean. It’s a moment of wonder and
privilege, as you’re party to this unique assembly here in the Mexican Caribbean.
After your three exhilarating up-close encounters, the captain heads back
towards Puerto Juarez. The boat stops by the reef to give everybody a
chance to unwind. The crew prepares the world's freshest ceviche for all to
savor, and they serve it with Mexican Caribbean hospitality and soft drinks
and beer.

After lunch, it’s back to the beach club at Puerto Juarez, where you freshen
up with a quick shower. Then you jump on the shuttle to Playa Del Carmen,
arriving about 3:00 p.m.

At this point, it's your choice: hop the next ferry back to Cozumel. Or take a
later ferry so you have time to linger in Playa. Maybe go for a stroll, have a
bite, or shop the boutiques on famous Fifth Avenue. (But don’t miss the last

Not included: the fare for the ferry between Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen
(about US$25 roundtrip
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