Kids Gold Panning and Fishing Self-Guided Tour

Kids guide to gold panning + fishing + 1872 public mining law + safe prospecting + Minerals education

Experience new ways to get out and tour, your packet of information will give you all the instructions to help you plan your outing


Self -Guided


Kids Gold Panning and Fishing Self-Guided Tour

Kids guide to gold panning + fishing + 1872 public mining law + safe prospecting + Minerals education + practice gold panning in your home

Parents + Grandparents + Aunts and Uncles ride along for free!

Hey kids! Your self-guided tour offers up a complete package that will set you up with all you need to get started on your very own prospecting journey. Take a look at what is in your package: Your very own gold pan + gold panning instructions + where to pan on public land + Why since 2017 greater success gold panning and Brown Trout + so much more! Yahoo, so much fun and educational learning one never dreamed possible!

Kids, did you know that late spring is the best time for trout and gold panning? Why, you ask? Late spring is the perfect time to catch fish because the creek stream flow is higher and the water is at a perfect temperature, making fish more active and lively. Fish like to hide under rocks and in deeper pockets of water. Why is gold panning better in late spring? Spring thaw brings stronger water current moving gold dust/flakes into the creek streambed. 

Ages 15 and under . Kids can fish without a fishing license. Bring your own fishing pole. Maximum catch and release 2 fish no larger than 16 inches.

Pack your picnic baskets and get ready for a fun filled day out by the creek. 

Yes, one price fits the whole family. You will have the option to purchase extra gold pans. 

What a treat just minutes away from your front door. 


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