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Culebra, PR


Not certified and always wanted to try scuba diving?  No problem.  Give us a few hours and you will receive a brief introduction to scuba diving followed by one of our Instructors taking you on a shallow dive in one of Culebra’s beautiful coral reefs.  Don’t worry – we move very slow and ease you into the dive!  Plus, our groups are always small which means that you get all of his or her attention helping you as well as pointing out all the cool creatures underwater.  This is not a certification course.  Please visit our training page if you want to get your Open Water certification.

No certification involved but the ability to swim comfortably without any assistance is mandatory (previous snorkeling experience strongly recommended).  Many ask if certain medical conditions disqualify you from diving.  There are thankfully only a few so make sure you review the medical document below.  If there is any doubt, we will ask that you get your physician’s approval in advance.

The date you choose is subject to adjustment by Culebra Divers based on availability and you will be refunded if we are unable to accommodate for any reason.  We will contact you to confirm your date as soon as possible.

Tour time: Arrival 1:15pm, tour 2pm-4:30pm

Please review our cancellation policy prior to booking your tour

Required Paperwork

Please fill out your waiver as soon as possible to avoid any issues with your tour!  Divers booking for multiple people, please forward these links to them as well.

Discover Waiver

Non-certified Diving