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Morning Boat - Certified Diver (2-tanks)

The morning boat is for certified divers only


Culebra, PR


Let us show you the beauty of Culebra's reefs! Please arrive no later than 8:30am with your proof of certification. There is no parking directly in front of the shop, and no such thing as fast food, so allow plenty of time for parking and/or buying coffee - don't be late!  Final price at checkout includes 2-tank dive with gear and applicable taxes.

Skills a little rusty? If you have been out of the water 2-5 yrs, add on a scuba tune-up when booking and get yourself back up to speed! We'll have you arrive at 8:00AM to start your review which begins with a quiz in the shop. Take advantage of reviewing your skills prior to your arrival (no more than 2 hours of your time) with this online refresher course

Divers from any agency can utilize this course; however, if you are an SDI or SSI diver and would like the refresher specific to your agency, please send us an email and we’ll get you set up! PADI divers you will automatically receive an eCard so make sure you download the PADI app and update your account with a current photo as a new one is required.  All instructional programs are conducted in English

If you have been out of the water 5+ years, please book your first dive with us on the afternoon tour only and add on the tune-up.

Crew gratuities for outstanding service are always welcome and can be handed directly to your boat crew, sent via Venmo, or given to any shop staff member.

**You are required to bring your proof of certification with you**

Schedule: Arrival 8:30-8:45am, tour 9:00am-1:00pm

Purchased a Scuba tune-up: Arrival 8:00am, tour 9:00am-1:00pm (you fill out the Scuba Tune-up waiver)


  • Scuba Tune-up (for divers with 2 or more years out of the water) $30.00

Required Paperwork

Divers booking for multiple people, please forward these links to them as well.

Your online waiver is done online via the link below and it will also arrive in a follow-up email one hour after booking.  Please complete this immediately.

For those who purchased a Scuba tune-up: Scuba tune-up Waiver


For those who purchased the standard dive tour: Diver General Liability

Getting Here

Please keep in mind before booking: The flights from Culebra to the main island are low altitude flights; however, the experts at DAN still recommend 12 hours after a single dive and at least 18 hours after multiple dives or multiple days of diving.

For this reason and to avoid schedule conflicts impacting your tour (or that of others on the boat), we ask that you not book flights or the ferry immediately post the tour.  Exact return times are not guaranteed.

**The cargo ferry does NOT arrive in 1 hour as listed, it is closer to 1.5-2hrs.  Do not book the 7:30am passenger/cargo ferry if you have a morning tour as you will be late for your morning tour and we will not be able to wait**

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations: Cancellations are requested via speaking to us over the phone, leaving a voicemail to 787-742-0803, or email to contact@culebradivers.com within the following parameters:

  • Day of Reservation: No Call / No Show = No Refund

  • Single day or multi-day packages: request must be received 24-hours prior to your tour time to be eligible for a refund
  • Private Charters: request must be received 7 days prior to your tour time to be eligible for a refund


Cancellations during the HOLIDAYS (NOV 21 – 28; DEC 20 - JAN 10):

  • Single day or multi-day packages: request must be received 72-hours prior to your tour time to be eligible for a refund
  • Private Charters: request must be received 7 days prior to your tour time to be eligible for a refund


We caution against same day transportation plans close to your tour time as the ferry or flights can be delayed. Should transportation issues result in a customer’s inability to arrive in time for their tour, no refund is available.

Divers: You must provide proof of certification, or you will be charged for the missed dive(s) if we cannot reschedule you or if you opt to back out of the dive(s). Certain waivers have medical questions that require a physician's approval. If this applies to you, & you wait until the day of your tour to review these questions and are unable to dive, no refund is available.

Certified Diving