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Advanced Open Water Certification Course


Culebra, PR


As the next course after Open Water, Advanced Open Water (AOW) is designed to increase your confidence and build upon the skills you learned in Open Water.  Go deeper safely (afterwards you will be certified to 100ft), hone your navigation skills, and start to perfect your buoyancy.  In addition, you'll cap off your 5 dives by participating in a few other specialties which are just the tip of the iceberg of all the fun specialties PADI has to offer! The minimum age to participate in the AOW is twelve (12).

Please note: **Although you may opt to take the eLearning course in any language you wish, all in-water instructional sessions will be conducted in English**

Required Dives: Deep, Navigation, and Peak Performance Buoyancy
The remaining two dives may be any of the following: Boat, Digital Underwater Imaging, Drift*, Fish Identification, Night*, Search & Recovery, Underwater Naturalist, or Wreck*.

*Availability based on conditions

This price paid to Culebra Divers plus tax includes your instruction and in-water training, all necessary gear, and your certification card processing fee. Also paid to Culebra Divers if you do not already have it a logbook ($23).  The eLearning fees are paid directly to PADI during online studies registration and are subject to change ($204 as of May 2023).  **Please complete the entire course before arrival, not just specific chapters**.  Instructor gratuity for outstanding service is always appreciated and can be handed directly to your boat crew or discreetly given to the shop staff.

Want more underwater time?  Add on the Nitrox (EANx) specialty  to your AOW course and pay only the cost of the online studies!  Enriched Air, also known as Nitrox or EANx, contains less nitrogen than regular air. Breathing less nitrogen means you can enjoy longer dives and shorter surface intervals which is a great option when you are trying to maximize your bottom time.  We'll easily incorporate the Nitrox practical in with the rest of your AOW class time.

Schedule: Please choose two dates from the calendar and we will follow up with a plan for completing the five (5) dives across these two days.  Generally we conduct this course on both the morning and afternoon tour.  Special times: 8am - 1pm and 1:30-4:30pm. Please keep both dates you choose open morning and afternoon. To get the best training experience possible, schedules may be adjusted at your Instructor’s discretion.


  • EANx / Nitrox Practical (FREE with purchase of eLearning) $0.00
  • Service fee if you have associated your PADI eLearning with a shop other than Culebra Divers $95.00

Required Materials and Paperwork

We recommend all students book their training separately to ensure they receive the required training waivers and future email communications directly. If you opt to book for others, you are solely responsible for forwarding all email communications and ensuring paperwork is completed in a timely manner.

You waiver is done online via the link below and it will also arrive in a follow-up email one hour after booking.  Please complete one form immediately.

Studies: AOW eLearning


Required waiver: Training Waiver (1 per student only)

Getting Here

Please keep in mind before booking: The flights from Culebra to the main island are low altitude flights; however, the experts at DAN still recommend 12 hours after a single dive and at least 18 hours after multiple dives or multiple days of diving.

For this reason and to avoid schedule conflicts impacting your tour (or that of others on the boat), we ask that you not book flights or the ferry immediately post the tour.  Exact return times are not guaranteed.

**The cargo ferry does NOT arrive in 1 hour as listed, it is closer to 1.5-2hrs.  Do not book the 7:30am passenger/cargo ferry if you have a morning tour as you will be late for your morning tour and we will not be able to wait**

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations: Cancellations are requested via speaking to us over the phone, leaving a voicemail to 787-742-0803, or email to contact@culebradivers.com within the following parameters:

  • Day of Reservation: No Call / No Show = No Refund

  • Single day or multi-day packages: request must be received 24-hours prior to your tour time to be eligible for a refund
  • Private Charters: request must be received 7 days prior to your tour time to be eligible for a refund


Cancellations during the HOLIDAYS (NOV 21 – 28; DEC 20 - JAN 10):

  • Single day or multi-day packages: request must be received 72-hours prior to your tour time to be eligible for a refund
  • Private Charters: request must be received 7 days prior to your tour time to be eligible for a refund


We caution against same day transportation plans close to your tour time as the ferry or flights can be delayed. Should transportation issues result in a customer’s inability to arrive in time for their tour, no refund is available.

Divers: You must provide proof of certification, or you will be charged for the missed dive(s) if we cannot reschedule you or if you opt to back out of the dive(s). Certain waivers have medical questions that require a physician's approval. If this applies to you, & you wait until the day of your tour to review these questions and are unable to dive, no refund is available.