Ship Wreck "Kyokuzan Maru" and/or other nearby dive sites such as Diboyuyan and Rock Island

Minimum 2 divers or 4 non divers/snorkeler


Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Certification and/or Previous Experience Necessary


Travel time to reach dive site:  Approx. 30 mins. 

Estimate time of departure:   Divers 8am, 1pm ( Duration: 4 - 5 hrs)

                                               Non divers/Snorkelers (Diboyuyan and Rock Island): 8am, 1pm (Duration: 3 - 4 hrs)

Kyokuzan Maru Japanese World War II Shipwreck

Required Level: Advanced Open Water Diver Certified & if PADI Open Water should be certified as deep or wreck adventure diver

Maximum Depth: 42 meters

Visibility: 5 to 15 meters

Current: None to mild

Also known as the ‘Dimalanta Wreck’ owing to its proximity to Dimalanta Island,the wreck is 30 to 40 minutes by boat from Club Paradise.  2 dives are needed to fully appreciate this 136m long ship. This Japanese cargo vessel functioned as an auxiliary army supply ship for the Japanese Navy. The Kyokuzan Maru stands upright with the hull settled at 42 meters. The deck level is at 26 to 28 meters and is now  covered with crustaceans and hard coral. The wheel house is at 22 to 24 meters and holds scattered China ware & exposed plumbing

The 2nd cargo-hold from the stern houses a Japanese Army jeep chassis relatively intact at 31 meters depth. Advanced certification is a must for this wreck. A PADI Adventure Deep & or Wreck dive is required if one is Open Water diver. Nitrox 32 or 28 prolongs your dive time

Snorkelers can enjoy the adjacent fringing reef which is full of cabbage and other hard coral species.

The below dive site listings don’t have associated pictures – so just list them without images for now and if they want to add them later well figure it out


Diboyuyan Island

Maximum Depth: 27 meters

Visibility: 10 to 20 meters

Current: Mostly mild

Only 20 minutes by outrigger boat from Club Paradise going east, the locals designated as caretakers of the island have done a good job of disallowing fishermen from coming close. In effect transforming the place into an unofficial marine sanctuary. Divers can be happy exploring the reef that stretches to about 1.2 kilometers north to south. A sandy slope divides the middle of the reef going towards a white sand beach on the island. The fringing reef starting off at 2 meters forming a gentle slope to 20 meters is a showcase of healthy soft & hard corals where cuttlefish, lobsters, clams, wrasses, angel fish, surgeon fish, fusiliers, soldier fish call home. A number of bumphead parrot fish can be seen patrolling the area at times. About 40 meters away from the end of the reef slope formation, a separate reef system between 22 to 27 meters depth invites patrolling blacktip sharks on the hunt. They can be seen especially when the cuttlefish season begins as the waters get cold in December. Once more, an occasional manta can be seen passing by.


Rock Island

Maximum Depth: 15 meters

Visibility: 10 to 20 meters

Current: None to mild

A growing island structure formed by lime stones, Rock Island is one of those natural freakish protrusions of nature. Soft & hard corals form habitats for incredible critter encounters. Commensal shrimp of different varieties abound so check out those cracks & crevices.  The softer flora  And fauna such as anemones and sponge corals are home to cleaner shrimps, emperor shrimps & hinged back shrimp. Porcelain crabs, decorator crabs, spider crabs all waiting for your inquisitive eyes.

Rock Island’s proximity to Club Paradise allow divers to find it’s resident green turtles scrounging around the area. Barrel sponges likewise reveal a number of critters. Huge table corals are home to Cardinal & Damsel fish, while glass fish, soldier fish and rock groupers live underneath.

The highlight of the dive is a swim thru at 3 to 5 meters depth in between a channel that separates the 2 lime stone rock formation protruding out of the water. An occasional eagle ray might make an appearance.

This is best done as a 3rd dive after 2 dives at the Kyokuzan Maru.



  • For DIVERS - 2 dives with cookies, juice, coffee, tea or water, boat, air tank, weights and services of a dive pro
  • For NON DIVERS/SNORKELERS - cookies, juice, coffee, tea or water, boat and guide.   


  • Entrance Fee:  Diboyuyan Php100, Rock Island Php100 
  • Dive Equipment Rental  
  • Snorkeling Equipment


  • Rental: Full equipment (mask, fins, wetsuit, BCD, regulator, weights, and belt) $30.00
  • Compass $8.00
  • Dive Computer $8.00
  • Dive Torch / Light $9.00
  • BCD $10.00